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Hương Xưa


Ode to Love


I love you, my Sweetheart

like a forest in need of trees for its embellishment

a deer strolling around a spring for refreshment

as image with its shadow, we’re tied in difficulties

when living far from each other, I lived in worries.


A romantic duo like the flowers for the meadows

the rain refreshing the fields after the fall of snow

I had no complaint about the pains I’d encountered

what I ‘d longed for was side by side with my lover.


Our love was ornamented with beautiful flowers

My heart was satiated with many emotional colors

My flowery boat (*) didn’t shift to other directions

as it had many hymns to love in its composition.


A romantic Duo, like a couple of birds side by side

spreading their wings to fly elegantly over the sky

a celebration of their honeymoon on the white clouds

enjoying their reward in peaceful melodious sound.

(*)N.B: Flowery boat: romantic image of a wedding in the Vietnamese countryside in the Mekong Delta where it will receive the daughter-in-law on a boat decorated with beautiful flowers.


Marie Thérèse Kim Anh

Dedicated to my sweetheart, Alexis D. Doa HO


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