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Hương Xưa


My beloved husband

                    We, like the white clouds of the blue sky in summer

           the sweet fragrance emanating from beautiful flowers
           the rainbow formed and embellished by multi-colors 
           the gentle blowing breeze exhaling  tasty honey flavor.

           One for the other, we’re flourishing in a balmy garden
           Like the  meadows vitalized by the shines  of the sun
           So, I dared to pass thru the forests cost what it would be
           In order to meet and kiss you when you were detainee.

           Once in your arms, I became a dreamer under a starry sky
           Awakened  when on the keyboard your fingers would slide
           Then the soft music guided me into peaceful dreaming
           And kept my heart always attached to you, my darling. 

                      Marie Therese Kim Anh HO

    Dedicated to my husband, a precious treasure that God gave to me 


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