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Hương Xưa


Vietnam, a brilliant Pearl of the Extreme Orient



      Vietnam, a brilliant Pearl of the Extreme Orient

      Vietnam, the Ancient land of fairy and dragons


     As an asset majestically lying in a wonderful region

     It built up its glory on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.


     All over the world, its fame had been widely spreading

     for the heroic deeds its Ancestors had been achieving


   The bloody traces left by unknown soldiers on its vegetation

 urged everyone of us to share his life with that of his Nation .


    We swore our eternal fidelity, by raising high our hands

   to pay back our gratitude to the heritage of our Homeland.


        Even if our body should be destroyed into pieces

         to be buried at the frontiers in our horse’s skin

       We, as soldiers, would pledge our honour of loyalty

         to serve until the last breath our beloved country.


                        Alexis HO


Note: Translation of the song Viet Nam minh chau troi Dong of the musician Hung Lan into English by Alexis Ho

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