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Hương Xưa


Publié le par Kim-Anh Marie-Thérèse
Publié dans : #Anglais




                    Our love really looks like a caressing wind

                    which, since forty five years has lifted its wings


                   Through our joys and pains of long duration

                   we have shared together our strong cohesion


                   Our love has been tinged with fermented share

                   which has been impressed on our silvery hair


                   Our love has been more filled with its fragrance

                   the same way as the high waves of the ocean


                   Our love is thus reduced to only one letter :

                   devoting entirely with faithfulness to each other


                  Hoping our Sapphire wedding date shines brightly

                  our love will continue its long journey with integrity


                             M.T. Kim Anh & A. Đình Đóa June 30th 2019


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