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Hương Xưa


Publié le par Kim-Anh Marie-Thérèse
Publié dans : #Anglais




Could anyone help me wake up my Beauty still sleeping

Whose shadow already ran away though she wasn’t receding

Mirrored at night on your pillow, from now on you disappeared

Would it be true that my eyes have been darkened by my tears?


Loving each other passionnately during our wonderful nights

Would I have thought that one day in solitude I should cry

My Beauty, may the night go on so as to avoid the sun to rise

and above all the pains of my torn bowels to help me hide .


Give me the wings so that I might be able to fly into the sky

worn out by looking for my Beauty during the whole night

One half of your shadow is here, the other half still  missing

I wished to be transported with passion without love making.


I would not have a deep sleep without our ardent passion

When I woke up, I would find myself in complete isolation

Who was sick in his heart to mercilessly hide my Beauty

Or perhaps has she been astray somewhere in the Eternity?


I will wait for my beautiful Moon all my sleepless nights

Probably until the time when my hair will be turning white

Since the day you’d left me, your pillow lived in emptiness

Show me, my Beauty, the place where you stay in loneliness .


Yet, I have eagerly dreamed of your return from faraway

Tonight, with emotion, I’ll welcome you back home to stay

You were so warm in the past, why now catched by cold ?

The beautiful Moon still sleeping, wake up, my Beloved!



Translated from the Poem ‘Nguyet lanh’/Dr. Duong van Thiet









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