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Hương Xưa


Publié le par Kim-Anh Marie-Thérèse





                    My beloved Motherland has been swept by stormy winds

              I dedicate myself to Her without any pretentious feeling.


              From  a Retired living, on my shoulders I bear my country

              like  a Wise Man whose soul takes on great responsibilities


              I call on all my compatriots to join with me in this fight

              The road of a New Democracy is spreading out to the sky


              A great fortune will be made from a strong will full of energy

              Singing a victorious song comes from the union of everybody




                                                   Translated from the poem entitled ‘Van Nuoc’/DMQ

                                                              by Marie Thérèse &Alexis HO

                                                                    France, 02 April 2017











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